Integration with Artvise

2022-07-08 Jimmy Risberg

Artvise is a popular service commonly used by municipalities and governmental organizations who use Artvise for document management and digital process flows, amongst other things. 

We have built integrations with Artvise that covers two different use cases. A municipality ensures so called “cases” are created in Artvise as soon as a question is posted in their forum by a member of the public. The questions are not made public immediately as they need to be moderated by the municipality employee first. The questions from the members of the public are automatically removed after a few days, which ensures the municipality has sufficient time to publish the questions publicly before any GDPR sensitive data is removed. 

A governmental organization, on the other hand, uses the integration to create reference numbers as soon as a ticket reaches Kundo to ensure they fulfill their legal obligations. 

Are you using Artvise today and are interested in knowing more about how we can help you integrate with Kundo, you are more than welcome to contact us!

2022-07-08 Jimmy Risberg

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