Kundo Knowledge

Compile your questions and answers in a knowledge base

Kundo Knowledge provides a place where it’s easy for you to publish guides, information, articles and instructions.

  • Structured and searchable

  • Updated, quality-assured content

  • Easy access via a widget

Structured and searchable

Guides can be published in one or more categories, and are searchable thanks to a powerful search function. You can choose your own synonyms and alternative search words.


Smart widget on your website

The stylish widget on your website gives visitors easy access to the knowledge base and other alternative contact channels.

Updated, quality-assured content

Designate content managers for different guides, and they will receive notifications when it is time to review and update the content.

Smart layout and structure, with a customized design

The knowledge base is as easy to navigate for your team members as it is for your visitors. As you’d expect, you can customize the design to suit your wishes.

Insights and continual improvements

You can easily see which guides need to be improved thanks to your customer feedback. You can also link with external statistical tools, such as Google Analytics.

A cloud service that doesn’t require any development

Kundo Knowledge is a cloud-based service. This means that Kundo takes care of all updates and development, leaving you free to focus on other things.

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How does Kundo Knowledge work?

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1. Create a knowledge base in Kundo

Creating a knowledge base in Kundo is quick and simple. We provide step-by-step help, and adapt the knowledge base to match your graphical profile. We train your team members, and show you how to provide clear links to the knowledge base on your website.

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2. Your team members can easily publish information

Kundo Knowledge provides your customer service team with a simple tool to quickly publish guides and informative articles. You avoid the often time-consuming work of publishing or updating material on your website. You can format the guides using pictures, videos, headings, links and anything else you might need.

3. Visitors can search and quickly find the right answer in the knowledge base

Customers accesses your forum via your website or by searching in Google. A simple search function leads the customer to existing questions, so in most cases the customer will not need to contact you.

4. You get feedback on the content

Your visitors can easily leave feedback about whether the guide was helpful or not. If they feel it wasn’t helpful, they are automatically presented with alternative contact channels. You receive statistics on which guides have worked well and which may need to be improved.

5. You have full control to ensure that everything is kept up-to-date and relevant

Designate content managers, who will then receive reminders to review the content for which they are responsible. You ensure that your knowledge base contains updated and relevant information.

Why choose Kundo?

We know that the provision of top quality customer service is dependent on more than just having the best tools. We therefore want to help you to succeed in all aspects of your customer service. Find out more about our entire range here!

Personal service

To ensure you get maximum benefit from Kundo’s products, we allocate you with your own Success Manager who will help you to succeed! In addition to helping you to get started, and with the training of your entire team, your Success Manager is always available to answer any queries you might have.

Find out more about our service

As a complement to our products, we work together with our partners to organize courses in how you can best interact with your customers in digital channels. For example, we offer courses in customer service via chat and social media.

Find out more about our courses

What are the latest trends and observations in the industry? How are your competitors working? At Kundo, we always work hard to help you to keep up to date with all the developments in the customer service industry. We provide you with advice, knowledge and inspiration.

Find out more about our expertise

Bring all your digital customer service together in one place

Kundo provides tools for all digital customer service channels. Conversations from all channels are brought together in the same place, providing you with a simple overview and more control.



Kundo Chat

Smart and simple customer chat on your website

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Kundo Mail

Collaboration in the same mailbox

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Kundo Social

Manage customer service on Facebook

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Kundo Forum

Customer service available 24/7

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Kundo Knowledge

Compile your questions and answers in a knowledge base

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Kundo Help Center

With Kundo Help Center you can easily gather all your customer service in one place.

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Kundo Calls

  • Quick and easy to get started logging and tagging calls in Kundo.
  • Smart functions for collaboration, follow-up and case management.
  • Get clear statistics on your incoming calls.
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