Make customer service easy

Kundo is the only platform you need for digital customer service. Make it easy to create effective customer service and satisfied customers – get started with Kundo. 

How Kundo works

With Kundo, you can gather all your tickets in one place, regardless of the channel they come from. In this way, you can easily collaborate with colleagues, get a good overview of your customer service as well as comprehensive statistics for your channels.

In the platform you can handle tickets from email, chat, Facebook, Instagram and phone calls. You can provide self-service via our forum and Help Center.


Get started quickly

It can feel challenging with new systems and ways of working. But don't worry! The idea behind Kundo is that it should be easy to create good customer service. We help you and your colleagues to quickly get started.

Kundo helps you succeed!

Besides providing a good platform, we are close at hand to help you and your colleagues succeed with your customer service. We assign you a dedicated Success Manager, a wide range of courses and help in keeping track of the latest in the customer service industry.

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Data storage within the EU

As a local Nordic partner, data protection and compliance with GDPR is a matter of course for us. This why we store customer and personal data only within the EU.

Smooth integration

Kundo is easy to use together with other smart tools! Read more about our integrations and partnerships here.

High customer satisfaction

We often measure our customer satisfaction, and are proud of our high NPS Score: +45 on a scale from -100 to +100. Over 20,000 people use our platform daily.

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