Give your customers quicker answers to their questions with self-service from Kundo

Help your customers help themselves! With self-service from Kundo, you can easily ensure that your customers quickly get answers to their questions, even when you and your colleagues are not available.

  • Fast responses 24/7
  • Reduce the number of recurring questions
  • Get statistics and valuable insights

Fast responses 24/7

With self-service, you can provide great customer service around the clock. Gather your most frequently asked questions in one place so your customers can quickly find answers.


Reduce the number of recurring questions

When your customers can find answers to their questions themselves, you don't have to spend time answering the same question over and over again. This means a decrease in the number of incoming tickets, and you can spend time on other things.

Which channels are included?



Help Center

  • One route to customer service
  • Easy to update and change
  • A natural part of your website
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Help Center


  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Always relevant content
  • Reduce the number of repeated enquiries
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Why choose Kundo?

We know that the provision of top quality customer service is dependent on more than just having the best tools. We therefore want to help you to succeed in all aspects of your customer service. Find out more about our entire range here!

Personal service

To ensure you get maximum benefit from Kundo’s products, we allocate you with your own Success Manager who will help you to succeed! In addition to helping you to get started, and with the training of your entire team, your Success Manager is always available to answer any queries you might have.

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As a complement to our products, we work together with our partners to organize courses in how you can best interact with your customers in digital channels. For example, we offer courses in customer service via chat and social media.

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What are the latest trends and observations in the industry? How are your competitors working? At Kundo, we always work hard to help you to keep up to date with all the developments in the customer service industry. We provide you with advice, knowledge and inspiration.

Find out more about our expertise

We handle more than 1,000,000+ messages per month and over 20,000 users work in our systems every day.

Here are some of the organizations that have improved their customer service with Kundo: