Ticketing for customer service

Keep track of your incoming tickets regardless of the channel they're from. With Kundo, you can easily handle tickets via chat, email, Facebook, Instagram and phone. With an internal knowledge bank, you can share information with your colleagues.

  • Make sure nothing falls through the cracks
  • Get a good overview of all tickets
  • Interact easily with your colleagues
ticketing dashboard

With Kundo, you can work efficiently with customer service by collecting all incoming tickets in one place. You get a clear overview of all tickets and can easily prioritize how you handle them.

ticketing system

Gather all received tickets in one place

Interact with your colleagues on incoming tickets without risking duplication of work or tickets falling through the cracks. With Kundo, you can easily assign each other tickets or write comments and questions to colleagues.

collaborate in Kundo

Interact easily with your colleagues

Get access comprehensive statistics to help you further develop and improve your customer service. In Kundo you can among other things, see the number of incoming tickets, how many tickets each employee responded to and response times. By categorizing tickets, you can gain valuable insights into your customers' questions and problems.

get statics

Get statistics about your ticketing

Channels for ticketing


Make sure nothing falls through the cracks and make it easy to cooperate with your colleagues. 

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Give your customers quick and personal help. Just as easy to use for you as for your visitors.

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Manage incoming cases from your Facebook page, messenger and advertisements. Easy access without personal accounts.


See all your comments and messages in one place. Manage incoming cases from Instagram Dm's and comments.

phone calls
Log calls

Log and categorize calls in Kundo and follow statistics on your incoming phone calls.


Manage all the messages from WhatsApp directly in Kundo.

More for ticketing


Use smart AI features to automatically find relevant guides and materials and generate quick personalized responses.

Knowledge base
Knowledge base

Collect guides and other materials internally in a structured and searchable knowledge database to ensure that all employees can easily access up-to-date information.

Customer surveys
Customer surveys

Find out how good customers experience you deliver through simple customer surveys via email and chat after each completed case.