Everything you need to succeed with customer service

It's our products, of course, that are the core of our businesses. But we know that it takes more than good products to create effective customer service and satisfied customers. That's why we've developed our range of products and services to include everything you need to succeed with your customer service.

Support right from the start

We guide you through start-up and configuration to help you get underway with Kundo as quickly as possible. You'll find several training videos in the platform so that you and your team easily can learn about all the tools and work efficiently and smoothly right from the start.


Dedicated success manager

For you and your team to get maximum value from Kundo, personal service is an important part of what we provide. With us, you get a dedicated contact person, a success manager, who helps you set goals and key figures and to regularly follow them up. If you or someone on your team needs help, you can turn directly to your success manager.

Guiding and inspiration

We know it's hard to keep up with everything that's going on in customer service. That's why we work hard in helping you to benefit from exciting new developments, trends and sources of inspiration.

You can find our popular reports and observations from the industry on our swedish, norweigen and finnish website. There you can also find reference cases where others share how they've succeeded with their customer service. 


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