Kundo helps you to succeed

Kundo is an all-round supplier for digital customer service. By this, we mean that we look at the big picture when assessing how you can succeed with your customer service.


Of course, our product is at the core of our offering to you, but a product alone is not enough to ensure the provision of a really good, value-building customer service. With us, you receive guidance and advice concerning the choice of channels, support for the introduction of Kundo from start to finish, and training in our products and other areas that are of relevance to customer service.

This is what makes us different to other product suppliers. It is our ambition that you will achieve your targets and develop your customer service, regardless of your starting point, the size of your organization or your existing skills levels.


Your Success Manager is here to help you

As one of our customers, you will always have access to a dedicated point of contact who will help you to succeed in your use of Kundo. Your Success Manager will help you with your introduction of Kundo from start to finish, as well as providing any subsequent support you may need.

  • Start-up meeting: We will hold a start-up meeting with you in order to lay the foundations for the successful use of our products.
  • Getting started: We will help you to create and configure your chosen products, so that you can get up and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible.
  • Training: We can hold training courses at your premises. We believe this gives you the best conditions for learning! Of course, we can also provide you with remote training, if preferred, and we run regular webinars in order to refresh or deepen your knowledge.
  • Proactive follow-ups: Your Success Manager has expert knowledge of our products, and can make contact with you if we notice that there might be a better way of doing something.
  • Business Reviews: Working together with you, we help you to establish your objectives and key indicators, and ensure they are regularly followed up. At our annual Business Review, we analyze your statistics and your usage of the product.
All the service provided by your Success Manager is included in the price you pay for our product. This makes it even easier for you to be our customer.

Expertise and industry experience

  • What do customers expect of us, and how do your competitors work? We know that this is a very common question, and we work very hard to ensure you benefit from any relevant experience and observations from your industry.
  • Advice: We guide you in examples of best practice in your industry, and share the experiences of our other customers with you.
  • Analysis, inspiration, and trend-spotting: We compile reports, and invite you to attend seminars and webinars.
  • Industry meet-ups and customer days: You will gain contact with other users of Kundo’s products, who will share their experiences and success stories.


In addition to the training courses for our own products, we also provide a range of training in popularly requested subject areas, which we know are of key importance to a modern and successful customer service in digital channels. Visit one of our open training courses, or have our experts come to you!

Find out more about our training.