Great Customer Service: The ABCs and AI

Increase your productivity and precision with an AI assistant. Our AI features enable you to work smarter and improve quality. They are developed and designed with the power of AI and are made to be used together with the security and experience of customer service employees.

  • Generate quick and personalized responses
  • Let the AI assistant find the right guides and information
  • Be in control of AI, not the other way around
With our AI feature Smart Replies, you can generate personalized responses in moments and give customers exactly the help they need without having to wait.
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Faster than We Can Say AI

Find the problem quickly and provide the answer even faster. Our AI feature, Smart Suggestions, reviews the content of incoming emails, identifies the problem, and recommends suitable guides and materials from a knowledge base. By quickly finding the best self service material, our systems can increase customer loyalty and the efficiency of your customer service.

Let the AI Assistant Do the Job

With AI, you strengthen customer service, increase productivity, and improve precision. AI is an effective helper and, when handled correctly, the employee's best friend. Thanks to AI, it's possible to create fantastic customer experiences. As AI constantly evolves, so do our opportunities to achieve more together.

AI – The Employee's Best Friend


Our AI tools are created with user privacy in mind. No personal data leaves the EU, Data Processing Addendums are in place, and all relevant documentation is handled according to GDPR regulations.

Nordic Languages

Our AI features are created in the Nordics, for the Nordics, and work fantastically well in Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

People in Control

Content generated by AI is always reviewed by a human before being sent to the customer. The power of AI is combined with the feeling, tone, and experience of customer service employees.