Kundo Chat

Smart and simple customer chat on your website

A chat function on your website both makes you more accessible and allows you to provide quick and personal assistance to your customers.

  • Personal interaction

  • Quick processing

  • Simple and familiar interface

User-friendly tool

An attractive, stylish and user-friendly chat function. As easy to use for your staff as for your visitors.


Personal interaction

A customer chat function allows you to provide the human contact on your website that your visitors expect.

Faster processing of cases

Faster than email, easier than the telephone. A chat function helps you to resolve your visitors’ problems immediately.

Smart functions for efficient customer service

Predefined responses, statistics, allocation of cases, and several other functions that make life easier for your customer service.

Help several users at the same time with one chat function

A digital chat function increases your chances of making contact with several target groups. You can also manage several different chats simultaneously.

Increased availability increases online sales

Increase sales by always being available for potential customers online.

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How does Kundo Chat work?

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1. Place the chat function on your website

Decide on which pages you want the chat function to be displayed, and add a few lines of code to your website. You can adapt the appearance and specify who will be able to respond to the chats directly in the Kundo control panel.

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2. The customer initiates a chat

The chat function is displayed on the website when your staff members have chosen to be shown as available. The customer clicks on the chat function, is greeted with a welcome message, and can then enter their question.

3. A team member responds to the chat

The chat is automatically allocated to an available team member, who receives a clear notification in Kundo. The team member can now respond to the chat, see which page the customer is on, and send and receive files. You decide how many chats you want to be processed simultaneously.

4. History and statistics

Chat histories are saved and can be searched for at a later date. They can be categorized using tags, allocated to colleagues, and marked for follow-up. Chats are registered to the user’s customer profile, and you can easily see whether the customer has contacted you using other channels. A statistical overview presents information about the number of chats and how they have been processed.

Why choose Kundo?

We know that the provision of top quality customer service is dependent on more than just having the best tools. We therefore want to help you to succeed in all aspects of your customer service. Find out more about our entire range here!

Personal service

To ensure you get maximum benefit from Kundo’s products, we allocate you with your own Success Manager who will help you to succeed! In addition to helping you to get started, and with the training of your entire team, your Success Manager is always available to answer any queries you might have.

Find out more about our service

As a complement to our products, we work together with our partners to organize courses in how you can best interact with your customers in digital channels. For example, we offer courses in customer service via chat and social media.

Find out more about our courses

What are the latest trends and observations in the industry? How are your competitors working? At Kundo, we always work hard to help you to keep up to date with all the developments in the customer service industry. We provide you with advice, knowledge and inspiration.

Find out more about our expertise

Bring all your digital customer service together in one place

Kundo provides tools for all digital customer service channels. Conversations from all channels are brought together in the same place, providing you with a simple overview and more control.



Kundo Chat

Smart and simple customer chat on your website

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