Gather all your customer service channels in one place

With Kundo’s help center you get a natural home for all your customer service functions. Create a customer service hub with contact channels and self-help right there on your own website.

  • One route to customer service
  • Easy to update and change
  • A natural part of your website

Self-help and contact channels in the same place

Create guides for the most frequently asked questions and show clearly how you can be contacted. This enables your visitors to choose the best option for them. 


Make customer service a natural part of your website

Your visitors can get help without leaving your website. Integrate your help center into any page and customize fonts and appearance. A better, more uniform customer experience that creates more satisfied customers!

Take control of your contact page 

Now you can change and update your contact page whenever and however you want without having to involve other departments. Let customer service own its premier storefront!