Collaboration in the same mailbox

Kundo allows you to easily work together in the same mailbox. You gain full control over all incoming mail, and can easily process several cases without missing anything out.

  • Compile all your emails in one place
  • Ensure that no email is left unanswered
  • Use predefined answers for faster response

Take control of your emails by bringing together all your inboxes and emails in one place.


Compile all your emails in one place

Allocate a case number to incoming email to facilitate collaboration and shorter response times.


Smart case management

See who is working on what, and who is responsible for responding.

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Ownership of conversations

Automated rules
Automated rules

Automated rules allow you to decide in advance how incoming emails are to be allocated among your team

Predefined answers
Predefined answers

Save time by using predefined responses to frequently asked questions.

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User-friendly control panel

Kundo Mail is managed using the same, easy-to-use control panel as other products from Kundo

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