Kundo Mail

Collaboration in the same mailbox

Kundo Mail allows you to easily work together in the same mailbox. You gain full control over all incoming mail, and can easily process several cases without missing anything out.

  • Compile all your emails in one place

  • Ensure that no email is left unanswered

  • Use predefined answers for faster response

Compile all your emails in one place

Take control of your emails by bringing together all your inboxes and emails in one place.


Smart case management

Allocate a case number to incoming email to facilitate collaboration and shorter response times.

Ownership of conversations

See who is working on what, and who is responsible for responding.

Automated rules for efficient processing

Automated rules allow you to decide in advance how incoming emails are to be allocated among your team.

Predefined answers for faster case management

Save time by using predefined responses to frequently asked questions.

User-friendly control panel

Kundo Mail is managed using the same, easy-to-use control panel as other products from Kundo.

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How does Kundo Mail work?

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1. Forward your email to Kundo

It is easy to get started with Kundo Mail. You choose which email addresses you want to be forwarded to Kundo, and then make your desired settings directly in the tool.

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2. Your customers and visitors send emails in exactly the same way as before

Kundo Mail serves as a regular email function for your customers. Customers can continue to email you at your same addresses as before. For you, it’s even easier!

3. New emails are shown as unanswered on Kundo’s dashboard

You can quickly see any unanswered emails in Kundo’s dashboard. Symbols indicate who is working on what, and whether emails have been left unanswered for long. Conversations can be allocated, followed up and categorized.

4. History and statistics

All conversations are saved and can be searched for at a later date. A search can retrieve all the cases for a certain customer. A statistical overview shows the number of conversations, response times, categories and much more. Monthly reports are sent out with a clear summary of the activity in your inboxes.

Why choose Kundo?

We know that the provision of top quality customer service is dependent on more than just having the best tools. We therefore want to help you to succeed in all aspects of your customer service. Find out more about our entire range here!

Personal service

To ensure you get maximum benefit from Kundo’s products, we allocate you with your own Success Manager who will help you to succeed! In addition to helping you to get started, and with the training of your entire team, your Success Manager is always available to answer any queries you might have.

Find out more about our service

As a complement to our products, we work together with our partners to organize courses in how you can best interact with your customers in digital channels. For example, we offer courses in customer service via chat and social media.

Find out more about our courses

What are the latest trends and observations in the industry? How are your competitors working? At Kundo, we always work hard to help you to keep up to date with all the developments in the customer service industry. We provide you with advice, knowledge and inspiration.

Find out more about our expertise

Bring all your digital customer service together in one place

Kundo provides tools for all digital customer service channels. Conversations from all channels are brought together in the same place, providing you with a simple overview and more control.



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Collaboration in the same mailbox

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