About Kundo


About us

Kundo provides modern tools for digital customer service. Our cloud-based services help you to provide a better and more effective customer dialogue.

Ever since we first began, in 2010, it has been our objective to offer tools that can improve organizations’ opportunities for successful customer service in digital channels. We aim to meet customers’ ever increasing expectations for transparency and accessibility. It is our mission to make customer service the very heart of your organization, by means of efficient service, more satisfied customers, and greater business insight. We do not see customer service as a necessary cost; for us, it is an investment in marketing and business development.

Personal service

At Kundo, you will be allocated a Success Manager, who will help you to succeed! You will benefit from Kundo’s comprehensive service offering, including start-up meetings, training courses delivered at your premises, regular follow-ups and personal service.

Experts at customer service

At Kundo, we are experts at customer service because we have learned from the best – our own customers! Together, we continually develop new functions and tools in order to make the customer service of tomorrow even better.


Our customers are primarily companies, public authorities and non-profit organizations in the Nordic countries, although our services are available in 9 different languages and are used by several international companies. Kundo was founded in 2010.

Offices in Stockholm & Oslo and customers all over Europe

Today we have offices in both Stockholm and Oslo. Our customers are located all over northern Europe and we specifically target the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish markets.

Owned by the founders and professional investors

Until 2018 Kundo was owned by the initial founders. In 2018 Cloud Capital invested in the company, and in 2020 Standout Capital invested.

Approx. 50 employees and 370 customers

Today Kundo has about 50 employees between the two offices and the number of customers almost exceeds 400 companies and organizations!

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