AI is the future for customer service

Emil Stenström

Emil Stenström

Generative AI is the future of customer service. It manages to combine speed and accuracy when replying to customer tickets, in a way not possible just one year ago. ChatGPT is the most advanced Generative AI platform in the world, and we are proud to announce that Kundo is the first customer service plattform to implement it for Nordic customer service teams. Starting this June, you can experience a new level of customer service with Kundo and ChatGPT. Seeing what it can do will blow your mind. This is not a beta test. This works today.

Applying AI to real customer service challenges

Customer service is hard. You have to deal with hundreds of questions every day, from different channels, with different expectations, and different levels of complexity. You have to be quick, accurate, and friendly. You have to keep up with the changing needs and preferences of your customers. You have to do all this while staying sane and happy.

AI can help you with these challenges. It can automate the repetitive and boring tasks, so you can focus on the more creative and rewarding ones. It can enhance the quality and consistency of your answers, so you can satisfy your customers and build trust. It can optimize the efficiency and scalability of your service, so you can save time and money.

But not all AI is created equal. Some AI is flashy and gimmicky, but not very useful or reliable. Some AI is complex and expensive, but not very user-friendly. 

Kundo’s approach is different. We have created an AI that is practical and powerful, but also simple and affordable. We have created an AI that is based on real customer service needs, not on hype or speculation. We have created an AI that solves real customer service challenges today. 

Taking a local approach to Generative AI

Most generative AI tools are made in the US, for the US market. They are only tested in English, and don’t work well in other languages. The Nordic market is different from the US market. Nordic languages can’t be an afterthought, EU’s GDPR compliance can’t be bolted on afterwards.

Kundo wants to make generative AI available to Nordic companies. We have created the tools I’m about to show you in the Nordics, for the Nordics. They work fantastically in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and deliver amazing results. They are built to check all the data privacy boxes: Data stays within the EU, Data Processing Addendums are in place, and reasonable retention rules are set. For the Nordic market, language support and compliance are not optional. That’s what we mean with a local approach.

Putting humans in control of the AI

AI is changing customer service. It can do things that humans can’t, like answering thousands of questions in seconds, without getting tired or bored. But how should we use AI for customer service? Should we let it take over everything, or should we keep some human touch?

Some companies think that AI should act as a router, handing out tasks that customer service agents solve individually. They think that AI can handle everything by itself, and that humans are just there temporarily, until the AI has gotten good enough. That humans are just a cost and a liability.

We think differently. We think that AI should act as a helper, suggesting, adding context, giving options, so customer service agents can be more productive. We think that AI can enhance and empower human abilities, rather than replace or restrict them. We think that AI is a tool for humans, not the other way around.

What we are announcing today

Based on the three tenets of our AI strategy: Focusing on real customer problems, taking a local approach, and putting the agent in control, we’re now launching two new features. We think you will love them.

  • Smart Suggestions
    Smart Suggestions analyzes every email you receive and finds the best guide in your help center to answer it. It goes through thousands of guides in milliseconds, works in any language, and can even find matching guides across different languages.
  • Smart Replies
    Smart Replies creates a personalized email reply for each incoming email, based on your own data. Replies take seconds to generate, and cuts the time to reply in half. All while keeping the agent in full control.

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