Get control over your telephony channel with Kundo!

2022-01-27 Ylva Espling

We know that telephony is an important channel for many of you and now you can manage your phone calls in Kundo - without replacing your telephone exchange!


With Kundo Calls you can get a better understanding of telephony as a customer service channel. You can of course track how many calls you receive, but you can also gain insight into what the calls are all about. Getting a clearer picture of why your customers are calling you is valuable for finding opportunities for improvement, for example when it comes to your channel strategy. Maybe you get questions by phone that could be more handled more efficiently in other channels?

We have realized that it can be difficult to manage the cases that come in via telephone in an efficient manner. Maybe you, like many others, use posts-its and send emails from individual email accounts? With Kundo Calls you get a better way to remember what to do or to inform colleagues!

With Kundo, you can now work in the same manner and provide the same efficient service, no matter how you are contacted; email, forum, chat, social media or telephone. The powerful collaboration tools available in Kundo can be used no matter how customers choose to contact you! Assign cases to yourself or other colleagues at customer service, mark cases for follow-up, document what is done with the case in comments or involve others in the organization through "Ask for help".

By logging the calls you receive in Kundo, you can easily compare telephony with your other channels. This makes it easier to follow the effect of different improvements. What happens, for example, if you try to redirect certain type of cases to other channels by offering a live chat, publish guides for frequently asked questions or offer the opportunity to contact you through a contact form in a help center? Maybe you can manage to reduce the number of incoming phone calls?

Kundo Calls can also be used to get a better understanding of a certain type of call or calls from a certain target group. Here are some examples:

  • Log all calls about returns and tag what the reason for the return is, to follow over time if the reasons for the return changes.
  • Log the type of questions that are common in phone calls to see if you can make it easier for your customers to find the answer on their own.
  • Log all calls that come from wholesalers that you sell to, or from residents in your properties, to better understand what phone calls from these are all about.


Calls are logged in a small window that opens on top of Kundo, which makes it easy for you to get back to what you were doing just before the phone rang.

Kundo Calls gives you better control of your telephone channel! Regardless of whether you choose to log all calls, all calls of a certain type or just the calls that need to be forwarded after the call has ended.

Do you want to know more about how Kundo Calls can help you? Contact your success manager, send an email to customer@kundo.se or book a demo.

2022-01-27 Ylva Espling

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