Customer barometer - Automatic analysis of tone of voice in Kundo Mail

2021-08-24 Ylva Espling

As part of our AI initiative, we are now launching the Customer barometer for Kundo Mail.

The Customer barometer automatically analyzes the tone of voice in emails sent to you. Do those who contact you express themselves in a positive or negative way? Does a certain type of case or topic stand out as more positive or negative? How does it change over time? These are questions that the Customer barometer can answer! 

There are insights to be gained for everyone. Insights that not only affect customer service, but that show how the entire organization affects what comes into customer service. Insights that can start the right types of discussions, that can create understanding, and that can actually strengthen customer service as a function. These are valuable insights!

Learn more about how the Customer barometer works and how you can use it.

Wondering how the Customer barometer can help you? Contact your success manager or send an email to customer@kundo.se!

2021-08-24 Ylva Espling

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