Help center - one way in to all customer service

2021-08-17 Ylva Espling

With Kundo Help Center you can offer all customer service channels on one and the same web page. It is easy to update and can be integrated as part of your website.

We have now launched the Kundo Help center so that you can provide an even better customer service experience to your customers and visitors.

You can create guides for the most common questions so that visitors can find answers themselves whenever they want, without having to contact you. In combination with clear contact routes for telephone, e-mail forms and chat, the Help center also serves as a starting point for matters that cannot be handled via self-service. You can easily connect the Help Center with Kundo's other modules such as Chat, Forum and Mail.

The Kundo Help center can often completely replace the part of the website that is usually called for example Contact, Customer Service or Support. All information can easily be updated directly by the customer service staff, for example if you for a period want to change which contact routes are displayed or which opening hours you have. 

Visitors do not have to leave your website to find an answer to their question or to contact you - Kundo Help center can be integrated on any page of your website. Appearance and font can be adapted to your graphic profile to provide a better and more consistent customer experience - this leads to more satisfied customers! 

Are you curious to know more about how your organization could use your Kundo Help center? Contact your success manager at Kundo or send an email to customer@kundo.se 

Here are examples of Help centers at some of our customers and demo pages, hope they can inspire you! 







2021-08-17 Ylva Espling

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