Learn more about your customers: Customer surveys are here!

2022-12-08 Jimmy Risberg

You can now measure how your customers experience the help and service they get in cases that came in through the two most commonly used channels - chat and email!

You gain ongoing insights into how your customers view your service and can continuously follow up and develop your work. By going through the customers' ratings and feedback together, it also provide a really good basis for coaching. You can prove what value you create as a team by presenting the results of the customer satisfaction surveys to colleagues, management and stakeholders.

How does it work?
The survey in the chat automatically appears when the conversation is finished. The customer can give a grade on a question and in a range you define. Once the rating has been submitted, the customer can give additional feedback which provides a context for why they gave a certain rating or if something needs to be supplemented. For example, we have seen cases where the ratings were low, but by reading through the conversation or the free text response, we have understood that the customer was actually satisfied with the service they received. However, the answer itself has not been what they hoped for, resulting in a lower grade.

For e-mail, the customer receives the survey in the same thread as the original conversation. The context is thereby maintained, which makes it extra clear to your customers what the survey is about, which we know increases the response rate. Here too, the survey consists of a rating question and a range that you define. The customer gives the rating directly in the email and is then routed to a landing page where a comment can be submitted.

The results of the surveys are sent to you in a report every week or month and contains insights at both group and individual level as well as links to all conversations where ratings have been submitted.

What is the next step?
We are quite early in the development phase and the ambition is to offer more functions in the near future such as, for example, more rating questions. In addition, you should be able to access statistics and feedback directly in Kundo to further facilitate follow-up opportunites.

Are you interested in knowing more about the customer satisfaction surveys? Get in touch with us, directly with your contact person or book a demo!

2022-12-08 Jimmy Risberg

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