Link to a specific comment in Facebook or Instagram

2022-07-29 Ylva Espling

It was already possible to link to a specific email in a long email thread or to a certain comment in a forum thread. Now we have also made it possible to link directly to a comment from Facebook or Instagram.

This make it easier to refer to a particular comment. The person you send the link to no longer has to search among many comments, but instead is directed to the relevant comment, and you do not have to describe which comment you mean.

To get the link that goes to a specific comment, click on the date of the comment.

Then you can copy the link from the browser's address bar and paste it where you want to use it.

Maybe you sometimes need help from different people to answer different comments and therefore can't use the assignment function in Kundo? By providing a link to the various comments and tagging your colleagues, you can easily distribute the work among several people. In the video below, we show how it's done!


link in social black

I hope you will benefit from being able to link to a specific comment!

2022-07-29 Ylva Espling

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