Reply to Instagram messages via Kundo

2022-02-10 Emil Stenström

It's now possible to reply to Instagram messages via Kundo! Connect your Instagram page with a few clicks and shows up in your dashboard together with existing channels.

Our march to add even more channels to Kundo continues. It's now possible to reply to Instagram Direct Messages directly from your dashboard.

To get started: Create a new Instagram-channel under settings, connect it to your Instagram-page, and then you're up and running.

When new messages arrive on Instagram they show up in your dashboard and you can reply there.

Like with Facebook Messager your can choose if you want messages to show up as high priority or be prioritized by date like all the other channels.

All the customer service tools you are used to show up the the right: Follow up, Assignment, Prioritization, Comment, and Ask for help.

Need help getting started with Instagram in Social? Contact your success manager, to send an e-mail to customer@kundo.se and we'll help you get started!

2022-02-10 Emil Stenström

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