Reuse knowledge to reduce your response time

2021-04-26 Ylva Espling

Are you using Kundo Mail in combination with Kundo Forum or Kundo Knowledge? Now you can reduce your response time for incoming emails by reusing all knowledge you have built up in your forum or knowledge base.

Surely it does happen that you get incoming questions in Kundo Mail, where the answer can be found in your forum or knowledge base? For some time it has been possible to easily link to a forum post when answering an e-mail.  Now it is also possible to insert a link to a guide in your knowledge base.

You have invested time building up a lot of knowledge in your forum or knowledge base. Reusing that knowledge  reduces the time it takes to answer emails. But not only that - it can also lead to that the customer turns to the forum or knowledge base looking for answers before contacting you the next time they need help. A double win! 

In Settings for the inbox you can choose which forum or knowledge base it should be connected to. WHen that is done, a new button will appear where you can easily link to a forum post or guide when writing an e-mail.

Do you use Kundo Mail and are curious how a forum or knowledge base can make you more effective? Contact your success manager or drop an e-mail to customer@kundo.se! 

2021-04-26 Ylva Espling

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