Kundo integrates with Slack

Jimmy Risberg

Jimmy Risberg


With Kundo, you can handle incoming questions and replies from your customers efficiently. But what happens when you want to involve other departments or stakeholders in an ongoing discussion? We have the solution - an integration with Slack!

Slack is a popular communication platform for businesses that allows users to create channels to discuss and share information. Through our integration with Slack, users can easily post a notice in a specific Slack channel about an ongoing discussion in Kundo. This means that other employees, who may not have access to Kundo, can get information about the issue and contribute with their expertise.

The benefits of integrating Kundo with Slack are many. By posting notices in a Slack channel, users can:

  • Inform other departments or stakeholders of ongoing discussions and keep them updated on the status of a particular issue
  • Get faster responses from internal experts who can contribute to solutions
  • Improve communication and collaboration between different departments and teams within the company
  • Increase engagement and participation in the customer service process among internal stakeholders

By integrating Kundo with Slack, you can have a more efficient and transparent customer service process. By involving more departments and stakeholders in the discussions, you can also find solutions to the customer's questions and problems faster and more efficiently.

We at Kundo are proud to offer this integration and we believe it will help our customers improve their customer service and increase collaboration internally. For more information on how to integrate Kundo with Slack, visit our website or contact us!