Manage WhatsApp in Kundo

Jimmy Risberg

Jimmy Risberg

We have now integrated Kundo with WhatsApp, which means you can receive incoming requests from WhatsApp and answer them through the Kundo platform!

The advantages of this integration are many. You can answer the customers' support-related questions that are sent when the he or she is on the go and therefore make yourself available wherever your customers are located. By being available on WhatsApp, you also offer a contact route that is becoming increasingly common in the Nordics, and which is already very common in Finland.

By using a direct messaging app for your customer support, you are perceived as modern, approachable and accommodating. In addition, you consolidate your contact routes in one and the same place, which simplifies the management of all contact routes enormously!

How does it work?
As soon as a message is sent to your WhatsApp number, it appears as a ticket in Kundo. The conversation with the sender is kept contained and you can use all the usual ticket management functions found in Kundo such as comments, the possibility to ask external people for help, being able to tag the ticket, etc.

Ticket overview

Conversation view

To receive incoming requests from WhatsApp, you simply integrate your existing WhatsApp account directly into Kundo.

We strive to help businesses offer the best customer service. With this new integration with WhatsApp, we take another step forward in that direction. If you want to learn more about Kundo and our customer service platform, visit our website or contact us for more information!