New in Kundo - January to March

2022-04-13 Jimmy Risberg

It’s time to present a selection of the improvements we have launched during the first quarter of the year!

Updated event log 
Using the event log helps you track who has made changes on a case and what changes they have made. We have extended the number of logged events, which now includes:  

  • Which tags have been used
  • Events that affect forum posts
  • E-mail that have been forwarded or moved

Read our user guide to learn more about the event log

Improvements in the call log
You can now track how many phone calls specific users have logged in your Statistics, where the handled calls are summarized and presented.

It’s also possible to have several call logs activated. By doing so, you can log calls from separate extensions to see the number of calls per extension and what they are about. You can also tie users to certain call logs to allocate and optimize the workload.

Schedule a demo or read more about the call log

Canned responses for social media channels
If you are handling emails in Kundo, you already know about canned responses. We have now added the option to use them for Facebook and Instagram! By using canned responses you can be much more efficient in answering questions that call for repetitive answers.

Schedule a demo or read more about customer service in social media

Additional improvements
I hope you haven’t missed our filter options in the dashboard? It’s a great way to sort cases by, for example, who is handling them, how they are tagged or when they were added. You can save the filters and use them every morning when you log in to Kundo. 

We have made some improvements to the filters by not displaying options that are not applicable for the channels you have selected. We have also updated the design of buttons, inputs, drop downs and the calendar. 

For Knowledge users we have improved and simplified the navigation by displaying the number of guides that needs to be reviewed in the menu!

2022-04-13 Jimmy Risberg

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