New in Kundo - April to June

Jimmy Risberg

Jimmy Risberg

The summer is here with wonderful sunshine and warmth! What can be better than to take a break and cool off by reading about some of the things we improved in Kundo during the second quarter of the year?

Improvements in Ask for Help
Ask for help is one of our most appreciated features and deserves to be developed accordingly. We have therefore made quite a few updates that make it easier for you to communicate with people who are not using Kundo.

The improvements we have made are:

  • A conversation view that gives you a better overview when you have dialogues with several people in parallel
  • The person who receives your question can answer directly in the email without having to click on a link that takes him or her to a form
  • Attached files and pictures in the answers you receive will be displayed in Kundo

More improvements in this area are underway, so stay tuned here in the blog and in our newsletters!

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Tag colleagues in comments
Users of our editor tools can now tag people in the comments field! It increases the collaboration opportunities in Kundo and makes it easier for you to 'ping' each other in discussions, where needed. Anyone who has been mentioned in a comment will receive an email with a link to the ticket.

Integration with Artvise
We have built integrations with Artvise that are used in two different ways. First, a municipality creates a so-called "case" in Artvise when a forum issue from the citizens enters Kundo. They then decide whether or not to post the question in the forum themselves.

A governmental organization instead uses the integration in its record keeping so that a record number is created in Artvise when a case enters Kundo.

If you use Artvise today and are interested in hearing more about how we can help you with an integration, you are welcome to contact us!

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Integration with Emarsys
Another integration we have made is for a customer in e-commerce who uses Emarsys. They now receive aggregated customer data from Kundo and Emarsys inside Kundo so that they get an overall picture of previous contacts with the customer.

If you use Emarsys today and are interested in hearing more about how we can help you with an integration, you are welcome to contact us!

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Instagram comments
Your Instagram posts are now displayed in Kundo as soon as someone comments on the post. This means that you as customer service experts can own the questions that you are best suited to answer and that you get a comprehensive overview of all your channels in Kundo!

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Improved statistics and activity reports
In the spring, we restructured the front page of the statistics and chose to present the most relevant data more clearly. We also redesigned the page and added so-called asynchronous loading, which means that you as a user don’t have to wait for all statistics to be loaded before you can use the valuable data.

In addition, you can now receive aggregated activity reports for all channels rather than receiving one report per channel. You change the setting by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and then Notifications.

Use your own email server for outgoing mail
We have now made it possible for you to use your own email server for outgoing mail in Kundo! For now, we support both Microsoft O365 and SMTP, in addition to the option to use Kundo’s standard delivery. With this, companies that want a higher level of control over their email deliveries, or for policy reasons, can choose to handle email according to their own wishes in Kundo. Moving forward, this will also enable us to increase the maximum limit on the size of outgoing mail.

Compliance improvements
During the quarter, we worked to further strengthen the already strong protection of personal data in Kundo. Among other things by allowing anonymous questions in the forum but also by the fact that you can now choose not to allow posts with sensitive content. You will find the setting under 'Form for new posts' and it does two things:

  • An error message appears if you try to publish a post / comment with sensitive text e.g. social security number or e-mail address
  • On the one hand, a warning is displayed that cannot be closed without first deleting the sensitive information

By default, we have stated that social security numbers and email addresses are sensitive information, but you can contact us to set up other information that you want to be considered sensitive, such as specifically formatted customer numbers, order numbers etc.