New in Kundo - October to December

2022-01-11 Jimmy Risberg

As we have now entered 2022, it’s time to summarize the product improvements that were launched during the last quarter of 2021! 

Log your phone calls with Calls 
You are now able to log your calls in Kundo Callsand easily keep track of the cases that come in via telephone. Some of the features that has been built thanks to our customers feedback and that we believe you will appreciate a bit extra are:

  • Log a call in the same time as you, for example, are replying to an email
  • Work with several drafts simultaneously if you are answering many calls or need to do something else in the meantime
  • Connect the information to the customer card if you know your customer’s email address
  • Statistics over number of calls and the tags you are adding to the call

You can of course also assign the call to yourself or a colleague and add a date for follow-up.

Learn more in the Kundo Calls blog post

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Answer your customers questions on Instagram
As Instagram becomes a more frequently used channel for customers to get in touch with companies, we now give you the ability to reply to the questions or feedback you receive through Instagram Direct Messages.

Today it’s common that the Marketing team handles the social media accounts. Therefore the reply time is longer and in the worst case they might give the wrong answer if the question is not suited to be replied to by Marketing. 

With Instagram in Kundo Social,the experts on customer service take the responsibility over these questions which results in a better customer experience and shorter reply times. 

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Improvements in our existing modules 

Overall information from Kundo in our own Help Center
We have now launched Kundo’s own Help Centerwhere you can find answers regarding settings, integrations, how-to-use, policies, security etc. 

New snackbar 
It sounds like a candy corner, but it’s really a way of giving our users more distinct confirmations in the interface and linking them to the recently logged call or saved draft. To begin with, the new snackbar is only available in Kundo Calls but will be added to more features shortly!

Brighter editor tools 
You probably haven’t missed that the interface is brighter with the purpose of giving our users a more consistent and unitary experience. 

Read more about the updated design

The Chat Assistant when using chat behind login
We have now made sure that the Chat Assistant, meaning the feature that give suggestions based on earlier asked questions in Forum or Knowledge, now also work using a chat that is placed behind login. 

Read more about adding a chat/chatbot for logged in users

Bank-ID identification in chats for multiple brands 
As a company with several brands, you can now identify visitors on the different brand websites using Bank-ID. Connect with our support teamif you want to learn how! 

2022-01-11 Jimmy Risberg

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